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The History of Phoenix Lodge #112

"On May 18 the Lodge was opened and prepared for the Fellowcraft Degree." 


Phoenix Lodge began as a result of the growth of Mt. Calvary Lodge #76.  In 1945 Mt. Calvary Lodge meetings were quite crowded.  If you wanted a seat you had to arrive early and even then you might be too late for a seat.  Brothers interested in getting in line had to wait, sometimes years, to get an appointed seat..  This led a few Brothers to become disgruntled and they decided to petition and form their own Lodge.


On November 19, 1946 a group of 19 Brothers met and voted on the formation of a Masonic Club.  The names of the 19 Brothers were:  Millard Johnson, David Oglesby, Thomas Moore, Joseph Kyle, Andrew Douglas, Edward Prince,  C. R. Fite, A. M. Davis, Alfred Murry, Shepherd Purslee, Lee Thornton, Charles Jones, Luther Johnson, C. H. Blackwell, R. L. Swindler, Aaron Caffee, Manley Threat, Albert Oglesby and L. Foreman.  Also at this meeting was the MW Grand Master Clyde E. Moss, who spoke on information for the good of the Order. They voted on and approved the formation of a club to be called the Masonic Get Up Club.  They each paid dues ranging from $1.00 to $10.00 that night to start their treasury with a total of $58.00 being collected that night.  They agreed that admitted members would pay $5.00 and potential members would pay $25.00.  An election was held and the following officers were elected:  Andrew Douglas – Chairman, Millard Johnson – Secretary, and L. Foreman – Treasurer.  The next meeting was scheduled for November 27, 1946 at the V.F.W Hall.  This first meeting lasted an hour and a half.


The next meeting was held as scheduled on November 27, 1946 at the V.F.W. Hall.  This meeting was attended by 17 Brothers and the discussion was on membership.  The Brothers attending were:  Roy Prince, Millard Johnson, Manley Threat, David Oglesby, Andrew Douglas, Edward Prince, Nick Wilson, Robert Harris, Calvin Mitchell, L. Foreman, Robert Nance, Harold Jenkins, M. Davis, Jessie Woods, Thomas Sheeler, Arthur Satterwhite and Edward Hailstock.   They voted on renting Mt. Calvary’s Hall the first and third Friday for a sum of $10.00 per month.  They collected $72.00 in dues and petition fees.  The treasury was now at $130.00.  The next meeting was set for December 6, 1946 at 8:00 pm.

There is no record of the December 6, 1946 meeting. 


The next meeting was held on Friday December 27, 1946 at 8:00 pm at Mt. Calvary Hall.  Brothers attending were:  Thomas Jones, Murl Douglas, W. H. Brown, Henry Brandon, Elmer Jackson, Lonnie Hinton, B.C. Stevens, Samuel Batten, Manley Threat, Aaron Caffee, Edward Prince, David Oglesby, Robert Harris, Samuel Rice, Jack Blackwell, Walter Scott, Jack Asby, L. Foreman, Andrew Douglas and Millard Johnson.  There was no record of matters discussed.  Money for dues was collected and deposited in the treasury.  The treasury was now at $148.00.


The next meeting was held on January 3, 1947 at 8:00 pm.  The Brothers attending this meeting were:  Murl Douglas, Jessie Woods, Thomas Jones, Andrew Douglas, Robert Kirk, Calvin Mitchell, Elmer Jackson, William Clemmons, Walter Scott, Samuel Batten, Thomas Sheeler, Lonnie Hinton, John Phillips Jr., Robert Nance, Millard Johnson and L. Foreman.  At this meeting the first two committees were established.  They were an Entertainment Committee and a Sickness Committee.  The men on the Entertainment Committee were:  Thomas Jones, William Clemmons, Henry Brandon, Jessie Woods and John Phillips Jr.  On the Sickness Committee was:  Murl Douglas, Samuel Batton and Robert Nance.  With dues collected of $47.13 the treasury was now at $195.13. 

At the meeting on January 17, 1947 it was decided to postpone further meetings until a meeting place could be obtained.  Attending the meeting were: Carl Mann, James Garcia, Jessie Woods, Walter Scott, Roy Henry,  Andrew Douglas, Edward Hailstock, Murl Douglas and Millard Johnson.  With another $23.00 collected in dues the treasury was now at $218.13.

The next meeting of the Masonic Get Up Club was held on February 21, 1947.  Present for this meeting was:  

Walter Scott, Edward H. Hailstock, Henry Brandon, Samuel Batton, Andrew Douglas, Calvin Mitchell, Murl 

Douglas, Piercy Clemmons, Walter Brown, Arthur Satterwhite and Millard Johnson.  The discussion at this

meeting was on membership.  There was also some discussion on dropping both the Entertainment and Sickness and Distress Committees.  There was no report from either Committee at this meeting.  Money collected placed the treasury at $233.13.  


On March 7, 1947 the Masonic Get Up Club met and discussed a visit from the Grand Master.  Attending this 

meeting were: here was also a discussion on dropping the Entertainment and Sickness and Distress Committees.  Walter Scott offered the use of his home as a place for the Grand Master to stay during his visit. A Refreshment Committee was developed consisting of these men:  James Garcia, Henry Brandon and Jessie Woods (Chairman). After collecting dues and paying bills the treasury was now at $313.79.  

The next scheduled meeting was set for March 21, 1947 but it was not held until March 28, 1947.  At this meeting the Entertainment Committee suggested a raffle be held on April 19, 1947.

They were empowered to purchase a radio, toaster and have tickets printed for the event.  After paying bills, and with the money collected the treasury now stood at $359.79. 

On April 4, 1947 the Club met and voted out $60.00 for prizes for the raffle to be held on April 19.  The 

Entertainment Committee reported on progress for the event.  It was agreed that the raffle be held at the V.F.W. 

Club on April 19.  After collecting $56.50 for dues, the treasury was now at $416.29.  There was no report from 

he Sickness and Distress Committee.


There was a special meeting held on April 13, 1947 to initiate 39 men as Entered Apprentices.  The names of 

those  39 men were not recorded in the minutes, although it was stated that the names were read.  The Grand 

Deputy of Canton spoke and an election of officers was held for Phoenix Lodge U.D.  The following men 

were elected as the first presiding officers of Phoenix Lodge U.D.:


Worshipful Master -- Millard W. Johnson

Senior Warden  -- Walter Scott 

Junior Warden  -- Thomas Moore

Secretary  -- W. Woolridge

Treasurer  -- Carl Mann

The members present at this meeting were: Millard Johnson, Walter Scott, Thomas Moore, W. Woolridge, 

Carl Mann, Walter Sibley, Roy Henry and Albert Murray.  The Entered Apprentice Degree was presented to 

the initial class of 39.  The Treasury has now grown to $893.79.


On April 18 Phoenix Lodge U. D. met and discussed the official naming of the Lodge.  It was agreed that the 

Lodge would be called Phoenix Lodge.  Also it was noted that Mt. Calvary Lodge would be initiating a new 

Entered Apprentice class on April 24th and would be willing to initiate Candidates from Phoenix.  It was 

decided that Phoenix would initiate their Candidates on April 27th.  The Lodge also made their first donation 

to the Masonic Building Fund of $200.00.  As a result of this donation and money for the Entertainment 

Committee he Treasury was now $800.83.


On April 27th Phoenix Lodge U. D. met to initiate new candidates into the Entered Apprentice degree.   There 

were 20 candidates receiving the degree on this date.  Those 20 candidates were: William Holt, William 

Clemmons, Willis Shaw, Sidney Duncan, A. M. Davis Jr., Martin Chapman, Aaron Caffee, Harold Steele, 

William Loggins, L. Z. Price, William Jones, Robert Knight, Nick Malone, Waldo Worsham, Byden Ramsey,

Robert Kirk, William Sewell, Henry J. Marsham, Luther Johnson and Cauley Greene.  With the money 

collected from applications the Treasury was now at $1052.83.  


The May 2nd meeting was an informal round table discussion.  The topic of discussion was the growth and 

success of the Lodge.  Various options were discussed on how this might occur since this is a newly formed 

Lodge.  Specifics of the discussion were not listed.  The Treasury now stands at $957.35.

The next meeting of Phoenix Lodge U.D. was held on May 16, 1947.  The Lodge was opened in due form.  

It was decided that the Fellowcraft Degree would be held on Sunday May 18 at 6:00 pm instead of 4:00 pm.  

The degree was to be held at the VFW Hall.  Also the Lodge voted out another $200.00 for the Masonic Building Fund.  It was noted that St. John’s Day would be observed on June 29th.  Phoenix was invited by Mt. Calvary #76

to celebrate this event with them.  There was also a round table discussion on bookkeeping of the Secretary and Treasurer.  The Treasury, after bills of account, now stands at $772.35


On May 18 the Lodge was opened and prepared for the Fellowcraft Degree.  There were 48 Brothers initiated 

into this degree.  The names of the Brothers initiated as Fellowcraft were:


1) Willis Shaw                         25) Lonnie Hinton

2) Samuel Batton                   26) Robert Kirk

3) Hayes Bonner                     27) Butler Anderson

4) Piercy Clemmons               28) M. L. Tilford

5) William Jones                     29) William Threatt

6) James Garcia                     30) William Loggins

7) Jessie Woods                     31) Robert Harris

8) William Strickland             32) Edward Hailstock

9) Sidney Duncan                   33) Elmer Jackson

10) Henry Brandon                34) Cawley Greene

11) Joe Kyle                            35) Robert Nance

12) William A. Grant              36) Harold Steele

13) Henry Marsham              37) Aaron Caffee

14) William Sewell                38) A. M Davis Jr.

15) L.Z. Price                          39) William Clemmons

16) Waldo Brown                   40) Maritn Chapman

17) William T. Grant               41) F. A. Brown

18) Robert Knight                  42) Harold Jenkins

19)     Thomas Sheeler         43) John Phillips Jr.

20) Buford Johnson              44) Arthur Satterwhite

21) Merl Davis                       45) Charles Mitchell

22) Al Mobley                        46) E. L. Prince

23) Charles Jones                 47) Andrew Douglas

24) Calvin Mitchell                48) B.C. Stevens

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