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Meeting Schedule

*To schedule special events, please contact the Akron Masonic Building Assoc. President

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2020 Calendar

January 2020

January 2 Phoenix Lodge #112 - Business Meeting 8:00 PM

January 4 Pythagoran Advisors Workshop Columbus, OH

January 11 PH Grand Commandery KT District Workshop Indianapolis, IN

January 16 Phoenix Lodge #112 - Masonic Ritualistic Meeting 8:00 PM

January 20 MLK Dance Pythagoran and Girls Assembly of Cincinnati Cincinnati, OH


February 2020

February 1-29 Black History Month Statewide

February 1 Akron Past Master Council Dinner Dance Akron, OH 

February 6 Phoenix Lodge #112 - Business Meeting 8:00 PM

February 14-15 Sinai Temple Potentate Ball Cincinnati, OH

February 16 Phoenix Lodge #112 - Masonic Ritualistic Meeting 8:00 PM

February 29 Northern Prayer Breakfast MAGC HOJ Columbus, OH


March 2020

March 5 Phoenix Lodge #112 - Business Meeting 8:00 PM

March 7 MIPHGC Royal & Select Master District Meeting Indianapolis, IN

March 14 MWPH Grand Lodge Mid -Year Workshop Columbus, Oh

March 19 Phoenix Lodge #112 - Masonic Ritualistic Meeting 8:00 PM

March 18-22 Midwest Conference of GM, GWM & GWP Chicago, IL

March 26 Mt. Calvary #76 exemplify Entered Apprentice Degree 7:30 PM

March 28 MVGMC Pythagoran Statewide Workshop Worthington, Oh

March 28 Grand Girls Assembly Debutante Ball Worthington, OH 

March 29 Pythagoran Day and Hattie B. Alexander Day Worthington, OH


April 2020

April 2 Phoenix Lodge #112 - Business Meeting 8:00 PM

April 4 OES Northern District Meeting Sandusky, OH

April 5 MAPHGC HOJ Palm Sunday Observance Statewide

April 5-12 Holy Week Statewide

April 10 Knights Templar Good Friday Observance Statewide

April 11 MWPHGL Fourth Masonic District Meeting Statewide

April 12 Knights Templar Easter Sunrise Service Statewide

April 16 Phoenix Lodge #112 - Masonic Ritualistic Meeting 8:00 PM

April 18 Amaranth Grand Chapter Workshop Mansfield, OH

April 24 MEPHGC RAM & MAPHGC HOJ Trustee Meeting Akron, OH

April 25 MEGC RAM Grand Convocation & Testimonial Banquet Akron, OH



May 2020

May 2 Akbar Court Daughters Scholarship Luncheon Akron, OH

May 2 MWPHGL Seventh District Meeting Cleveland, Oh 

May 6-10 General Grand Conference R&SM, LOCP Virginia Beach

May 7 Phoenix Lodge #112 - Business Meeting 8:00 PM

May 9 MWPHGL First Masonic District Meetings Dayton, OH

May 9 MAPHGC HOJ Trustee Meeting Dayton, OH

May 13-17 Conference of Grand Masters Boston, MA

May 15 MIPHGC R&SM Trustee Meeting & PHGC LOCOP Trustee Meeting Flint, MI

May 16 PHGC LOCOP Grand Assembly and Graham’s Banquet Flint, MI

May 16 MIPHGC R&SM Grand Assembly Flint, MI

May 17 Grand Lodge Raffle Drawing Columbus, OH

May 16 Phoenix Lodge #112 - Masonic Ritualistic Meeting 8:00 PM

May 21-27 United Supreme Council /AASR Northern Jurisdiction Cincinnati, OH

May 31 ASSR Whit Sunday Observance Statewide 


June 2020

June 4 Phoenix Lodge #112 - Business Meeting 8:00 PM

June 6 MWPHGL Second District Meeting Chillicothe, OH

June 6-7 Alpha Priory #1 KYCH Annual Conclave Hope Hotel Fairborn, OH

June 13 OES Southern District Meeting Dayton, OH

June 13 Amaranth Grand Chapter Deputies Banquet Columbus, OH

June 13 Scholarship Selection Meeting Columbus, OH

June 14 Esther Day Observance Columbus, OH

June 15 Zerubbabel Day Observance Statewide

June 18 Phoenix Lodge #112 exemplify Fellow Craft Degree 8:00 PM

June 20 MWPHGL Fifth and Sixth District Meeting Akron, OH

June 20 Pythagoran District meeting Columbus, OH

June 20 David V. Moore HOTC Northern District Meeting Cincinnati, OH

June 21 St. John the Baptist Day Observance Statewide

June 27 MWPHGL Third District Meeting Columbus, OH

June 30-July 4 Grand Encampment KT& Inter. Grand Court Cyrene Crusaders-Augusta, GA


July 2020

June 30-July 4    General Grand Conference HOJ & HRAM Augusta, GA

July 2 Phoenix Lodge #112 - Business Meeting 8:00 PM

July 9-12 Pythagoran / Girls Assembly Grand Session           Univ. of Toledo

July 9  Amaranth Grand Chapter Trustee Meeting           Univ. of Toledo

July 17 PHGC KT & DVMGG HOTC Trustee Meeting Indianapolis, IN

July 18 DVMGG HOTC Grand Conclave & Testimonial Banquet Indianapolis, IN

July 19 PHGC Knights Templar Grand Conclave Indianapolis, IN



August 2020

August 7-11 MWPHGL & Amar. Grand Chapter Grand Communications Columbus, OH

August 14-19 Imperial Session AEAONMS             Atlanta, GA

August 22 Calendar Meeting / PHGL /AGC Trustee meeting Columbus, Oh


September 2020

September 3 Phoenix Lodge #112 - Business Meeting 8:00 PM

September 12 Prince Hall Family Day of Service Statewide

September 13 Prince Hall Americanism Day Columbus, OH

September 17 Phoenix Lodge #112 - Masonic Ritualistic Meeting 8:00 PM

September 19 Amaranth Grand Chapter School of Instruction Dayton, OH

September 19 or 26 Pythagoran Community Service Widows Appreciation  Statewide

September 26 MAPHGC HOJ Southern Prayer Breakfast Dayton, OH

September 26 MEPHGC RAM of Ohio Trustee Meeting Columbus, OH


October 2020

October 1 Phoenix Lodge #112 - Business Meeting 8:00 PM

October 3 Prince Hall Grand Guild District Workshop Cleveland, OH

October 10 MIPHGC Royal & Select Masters Trustee Meeting Indianapolis, IN

October 10 LOCOP District Meeting Indianapolis, IN

October 15 Phoenix Lodge #112 Masonic Ritualistic Meeting 8:00 PM

October 16-17 Al Kaf Temple and Al Kaf Court Joint Ball Location TDA

October 17 Pythagoran / GG Assembly / Planning session Columbus, OH

October 17 MAPHGC HOJ School of Instruction Akron, Oh

October 17 Phoenix Lodge #112 exemplify Master Mason Degree 8:00 AM

October 23-25 Ohio Council of Deliberation & Statewide Reunion Toledo, OH

October 24 Ohio Council of Deliberation SGLLR Banquet Toledo, OH


November 2020

November 5 Phoenix Lodge #112 - Business Meeting 8:00 PM

November 6-8 Grand Worthy Matron Patricia A.P. Taylor Banquet   Dayton, OH 

November 19 Phoenix Lodge #112 – Move up Night 8:00 PM

November 27-28 Amer Temple Potentate Ball Dayton, OH


December 2020

December 3 Phoenix Lodge #112 – Business/Election Meeting 8:00 PM

December 4-5 El Hasa Temple and Court Joint Ball Cleveland, Oh 

December12 Tabernacle #78 In- Gathering Cleveland, Oh

December 17 Phoenix Lodge #112 - Masonic Ritualistic Meeting 8:00 PM

December 19 Pythagoran Raffle Drawing Cleveland, Oh 

December 20 St John the Evangelist Day Statewide

December 25 PHGC Knights Templar Christmas Observance Worldwide

1290 Curtis Street Akron Ohio

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